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credentialed practitioner

“Getting on the insurance Panel” is a time-consuming and challenging task. We ensure the process of collecting and authenticating a healthcare provider’s credentials is done within the shortest time limit. Our team will assist you in every step from initiation to completion of the credentialing process.

Why credentialing is important?

Credentialing is important because enrollment in any insurance company is proof of your qualification and professionalism.

Provider credentialing is necessary for the clearance of insurance claims. Mostly, reclaims or appeals are set to time.

If the Patient has secondary insurance and the credentialing process is not completed yet. Long waits can create chances of non-payment from the insurance office.

Cash Relief

Our Credentialing specialists provide you with cash relief and save you from repeated credentialing submissions.


Offline Credentialing

Companies like Medicaid, Medicare, authenticate credentials through web-based portals. Whereas other companies practice separate procedures for Provider’ credentialing. We will help you with both online and offline credentialing.

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Different companies credential the healthcare provider for different periods. Medicare credentials healthcare professionals for five years, after this time the medical practitioner should go through the process of re-credentialing. Suppliers of durable medical equipment (DMEPOS) are credentialed for three years.

We keep a record of your credentialing process and may intimate you about the deadline of the credential expiry. We can help you in the re-credentialing or renewal process of credentialing by collecting, re-collecting data, and submitting it to insurance offices. We will complete the process by removing ambiguities and neutralizing the problems.



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