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What our Medical coding service

do for you?

Our Professional medical coders, assess the time of diagnosis, nature of diagnosis, prescriptions, and assign codes accordingly. Medical Bills are prepared by using the proper and accurate set of codes like ICD-10-CM, CPT, or HCPCS level II. The process of coding, billing, claim submissions, is done on daily basis for faster recovery of accounts receivable.

Knock of high cost and Boost Revenue

Accurate medical coding brings accuracy to the bills that help scale down the claim denial rates and boost your revenue. Our expert coders help you with accurate billing and claim management.


20% Growth in Revenue

Our team of professional medical coders analyze the coding-related denial claim rates, work on rectifications and resubmit them for early reimbursements and growth in revenues

Medical Coding Audit


Incorrect coding is one of the major causes of claim denials. A coding audit is needed to recheck the denied claim cases for appeals or disposals. Being a team of professional coders, we provide you market competitive coding audit services that may identify the true reason for claim rejection and will increase the chances for appeals to get approved.

Denial Management and Resubmissions

Our team of professional medical coders analyze the coding-related denial claim rates, work on rectifications and resubmit them for early reimbursements.

Accurate Documentation and reliable reporting 

By providing accurate documentation and reliable reporting, and ensuring ICD-10 compliance our coders assure the fastest claims management and reimbursements

Our Speciality:

Up-to-date Knowledge of coding

Coding is a continuous process. Occasionally, significant changes are introduced in medical coding. For a professional coder, up-to-date knowledge of coding and continuous learning is necessary. ICT-10-CM brought a wide range of changes in medical coding that is to be implemented in 2022. This requires significant time and monetary investment. Outsourcing coding services can give you relief from these issues.

Our coders are self-sufficient with industry knowledge. On-job education up-gradation and training keep our staff up-to-date with their skills, certifications, and Knowledge.



Brandon is very helpful and informative. Anytime I’m not sure of something he gives me as much information as possible and he always complete all job tasks.
Mark Sax
Our overall experience has been great. With keeping us informed of any mistakes we make and working quickly to help us resolve any issues. Thanks so much for all this.
Piyush Kedia

More time for Healthcare activities

If we are serving you in billing you can give more time to focus on core activities of healthcare. It will add to your goodwill and expertise.